I have a hoffice

I finally turned my teensy second bedroom into a home office. There wasn’t much to do really—the desk, bookshelves and filing cabinet were already in there. But now I have it nicely organized. It’s probably one of the lowest-tech offices on the planet, with only a printer, ready for my laptop to be plugged into it. I’m really only posting about it for two reasons.

1. Don’t you love getting organized before school starts? Not that I’m going back to school (although A is), but something about late August, and seeing all the Staples commercial just makes me want to crack open a brand new notebook. Or, you know, get my home office ready for use.

2. I’m currently using a stool in there. I’m scanning Craigslist for chairs, but does anyone in BK have one they’re looking to get rid of? Have any good tips for constructing a chair out of suitcases, a laundry rack and lots of clothes (the supplies I have lying around in there)?

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