Selected Clips

Restaurants don’t give credit to the people who actually invent dishes

Washington Post, July 2020
Photo courtesy of University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Tipped Wages and Supreme Court Cases: A Labor History of U.S. Bartenders

Wine Enthusiast, April 2020

Eating Chinese Food on Christmas

Edible Manhattan, December 2019

Illustration by Rose Blake

Everything You Need to Know About Bagging Your Own Groceries

Epicurious, April 2018

Treat Dried Mushrooms Like a Spice

TASTE, January 2018

Meditations on a Perfect Pot of Beans

Tenderly, October 2019

Photo by David Prince, food styling by Judy Haubert

How to Make a Traditional Beefsteak Dinner

Wine Enthusiast, August 2019

Friendship in the Pool: My Life as a Synchronized Swimmer

The Toast, May 2015

This dish is canon and beloved, in my family and beyond, and my quibbles are my own.

I Didn’t Like Grandma’s Brisket—But Here’s Why I’ll Always Love It

Food 52, July 2018

Photo by Marshall Troy

How to Pair Wine with Watermelon

Wine Enthusiast, July 2019

Photo courtesy of Trentodoc

The History of Sparkling Wine Includes Accidental Science and Exceptional Champagne

Wine Enthusiast, December 2019

Cookbook author Joan Nathan and her collection of “The Settlement Cookbook” at her home in Washington, DC.

The Settlement Cookbook: 116 Years and 40 Editions Later

TASTE, June 2017


The Comeback Winemaker

Wine Enthusiast, October 2018

Photo by Aaron Graubert

How to Throw a Blind Wine Tasting Party at Home

Wine Enthusiast, July 2017

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