About Me


I’m the only Layla Schlack on the internet. I’m also a dog-and-cat-caregiver, resident of Connecticut, person of food, baby-sweater knitter and senior associate editor at Wine Enthusiast magazine. I deal with products, spirits and food stories—everything but the wine.

Previously, I’ve been a food and craft freelancer; senior editor at Fine Cooking; senior (/managing, as it were) editor at United’s magazine, Hemispheres; and a copy editor at The Eagle-Tribune publishing company. I also copy edited at In Touch for just long enough to know that I’m not cut out for the entertainment world.

If you are looking to contact me about Wine Enthusiast-related matters, please email lschlack@wineenthusiast.net. If you want to talk about anything else, drop me a line at layla.jasmine@gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, if you’re into that.