About Me

Photo by Jennifer Cousins

I’m a writer, editor and educator. I’ve been editing print magazines about wine, food and travel for more than 15 years. I have an MFA in Creative & Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University and am coauthoring a book titled Communion: Pairing for the People with Cha McCoy.

Currently, I do some editing for Whetstone and review of wines of Alsace for Wine Enthusiast. I’m also available for manuscript review, copy editing, proofreading, developmental editing and teaching. If any of those are of interest, or if you’re stuck on a project and aren’t sure what you need, I hope you’ll reach out to me here.

Want to talk to me? If you’re looking to connect about Whetstone-related matters or would like to send me a press release, please email me here. I’m always happy to talk to aspiring or emerging writers and editors about my experience in the industry. If that’s you, please drop me a note here (please note, I don’t read press releases sent to this email address).


  1. Hey UCONN girl
    Blast from the past. Congrats on your success
    Hope all is well and you actually remember me
    Would love to see you and catch up!


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