Cooler than a fan, man

Yesterday, A’s grandmother brought over a car-ful of groceries (thanks again Nanny!), including two honeydews and a cantelope, in addition to apples, oranges and grapes. Seriously, it’s amazing. Now, A doesn’t like melon, because, you know, boys are silly, so I’m on my own with more melon than I can shake a stick at. But don’t worry, readers, I came up with a plan:

I cut the honeydew into ice cube-size cubes, and then, you guessed it, froze it! It’s delightful in seltzer or vodka tonic. I’ve yet to try it in plain water, because it will probably disintegrate a bit more, but I suspect it will be just as delicious. Unfortunately, A does eat grapes, so I can’t freeze many of those, but that’s also tasty. (Disclaimer: I saw that in another magazine recently, but I guess it’s not that novel an idea.)

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