Remember Me?

Hello bunnies. I haven’t posted in over two months. Here’s the deal: I’m moving on Sunday. Stay tuned for all kinds of fun info about my DIY projects. I’m making a Roman shade! And I have weird kitchen cabinets (lots of them), so maybe we can get interactive about what I should do. Andrew Beahrs, […]

Natural Woman?

Guys, I really want to do one of those natural, shop-in-your-pantry beauty regimes. It sounds so simple! You’re supposed to just need lemon juice, honey, aspirin and olive oil. Cheap, right? Well, lemon juice made me rashy, honey made me sticky and I’m terrified to put oil on my face. The only people I’ve heard […]

Summer Eating

A few weekends ago, I was eating pickles, and A walked in and asked if I was doing my summer eating thing. The answer is yes. I don’t like to eat in the summer. I stick to foods such as cucumbers and popsicles—low-calorie, no cooking involved. It’s a balance, because these thing can get expensive. […]