After reading The Kitchn’s post about Jamie Oliver’s chicken in milk and then eating some curried chicken, I wanted to try my hand at adding some currylike flavors to the chicken in milk. I love coconut curries but find them a little too rich, so I thought the milk would give some creaminess without being […]


I’ve had an advance copy of The Full Plate Diet on my desk for a few weeks now (along with what appears to be the coolest origami book ever made), and it has some interesting parts—mainly a food rating section in the back that shows which prepared foods are ok and which to stay away […]

Quinoa vs. Barley

When my roommate moved out, she left behind some barley. I haven’t cooked with the stuff much, but it seemed easy enough, and I made a tasty salad of barley, broccoli, olives, tomatoes, balsamic and feta. I was very excited to bring it to work for the week until, out of nowhere, I felt slightly […]


The other day, I cut the bottom tier off a long, flowy skirt (I’m 5’1″, it was necessary). And I had a brilliant idea: Use the cut-off part as one of those, I think they’re called infinity scarves, you know,  because it never ends. It was like 100 degrees at the time, so I’m pretty […]


I made lasagna last night, because I’m a big fan of anything that will last a few days and get deliciouser as time passes. I happened to look at the lasagna recipe on the noodle box, and it said to beat the ricotta with an egg! It made it so much creamier. Let’s face it, […]