Bottom’s Up

You know how every summer, you get really excited to wear dresses again, and then every fall, you can’t wait to break out your sweaters? I feel the same way about beverages. Sure, I get excited for hot chocolate season, but right now I’m all about summer beverages.  You know why? Aside from my all-consuming love for iced coffee, you can put so much stuff in summer drinks! Try throwing some frozen berries in a glass of iced tea. Isn’t that delicious? I’m also a huge fan of putting cucumbers in alcoholic beverages. Vodka tonic with a few cucumber slices? Simple and transcendent. If I had some St Germain’s around, I’d add a splash of that. But, I don’t. Also good in cocktails, iced tea or even just seltzer is mint leaves. Seriously, folks, if you want to feel fancy, just freeze some fruits or berries and throw them in a mild-flavored liquid. If you’re worried about sweetness, balance it out with cukes and/or mint. Salut!

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