Ah, Inadequacy

I stumbled upon this post on Jezebel today about how craft blogs are always so whimsical and perfectly photographed and just make lesser crafters/home mavens feel inadequate. As someone trying to blog about that stuff, that can go double for me. But, you know, I have a job and a small budget and a dog and a cat and a boyfriend all in a one-bedroom apartment. I kind of started blogging to show that this stuff doesn’t have to be perfect or life-consuming to be worth the effort, and to track my own small victories.

Anyway, the post is well-written and a good read. Meanwhile, I’ll continue reading how hipster-flowerchild-princesses decorate their lofts/country cabins/rambling Victorian mansions so that I can revel in the fact that I didn’t have to give all my money to Anthropologie or spend every weekend scouring fleamarkets just to have adorably mismatched dishware. I got mine for free!

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