Braisin’ Behavior

On the aforementioned trip to Italy’s Piedmont region, one dish we were served on a few occasions was a steak braised in red wine. It was tender and delicious, so I attempted it at home. And I attempted it. And I attempted it. Now part of the issue is that they were using much better beef than I purchase for $1.99 a pound at Associated. But also, it’s delicious. It makes the meat tender and flavorful. I’ve been playing around with reducing the sauce (I only know how to reduce liquids by accident) and using butter, trying shallots vs. onions, adding a little chili. But in the end, my experimentations have confirmed two things I already knew—garlic and wine make everything delicious, and butter only enhances said deliciousness. I also plan to do more braising. Maybe duck. When I’m ready to spend more than $1.99/pound.

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