Home Skillets

A few days ago, a cookbook called Recipes from Historic New England landed on my desk. (If I’m being totally honest, it was sent to a coworker, and when I saw it, I yelled, “But I’m from historic New England,” so he gave it to me.) I doubt I’ll follow any of the recipes in it, but I kind of want to save it forever and show it to my futurechildren as a relic. It’s just exactly what it should be, with scrolly typefaces and little anecdotes about the historic hotels and restaurants the recipes come from.

Beyond that, it looks good. There are so many ingredients I love—ginger, maple, rum, cream and obviously seafood—many of which I didn’t particularly associate with New England. And there are so many warm, mushy foods. I feel like I can open to any page, and even if I don’t want to make the exact dish featured, it will inspire me to make something similar. Good timing—I don’t have much to do this weekend, and Sunday is supposed to be rainy. I think I’ll try my hand at  Blantyre sticky toffee pudding (once I get through the red velvet birthday cake A got me).

One last thing: Hilariously, there’s critical praise from Alex and Jean Trebek on the back cover. “Taste the essence of New England!” they urge (in my mind, in unison, while wearing matching Fair Isle sweaters).

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