Knitting Nattily

I’ve been working on a sweater for my dad for about five years now. It’s not entirely my fault it’s taken so long—it’s kind of fine yarn, and you know what? I’m busy. But I’ve loved working on it. It’s a shawl-collar cardi with a twisted rib edge in Rowan Felted Tweed, one of many discontinued Rowan yarns that I would happily bathe in. At this point, I’m starting to doubt my measurements, not to mention gauge (I’m a lot tenser now than I was when I started, so I knit slightly tighter). I was going to apologize to Pops and rip the whole thing out, but then inspiration struck! After I’ve attached the sleeves and shoulder seems and finished the collar, I’ll block the whole thing out, measure it, and if necessary, and twisted rib panels on the sides and at where the seams on the underside of the sleeves would be to give it an extra couple of inches all around. Has anyone ever done this before? Am I the first? Will it even work? You tell me, readers.

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