Bjork’s New Video Inspires Crazy Lady to Knit

All morning, the internet was talking about Bjork’s video for “Crystalline.” Friends were linking and commenting. All the music types are in a tizzy.

I’m going to be woefully uncool for a second here, guys: All I could think when I saw the screengrab was oh, how I’d love to knit that thing around her neck!

It looks like a bunch of ruffles (you know, where you cast on a bunch of stitches and then decrease half on the first row and half again on the next) just bound off after two rows and sewn together willy-nilly, no? I don’t know that I’m bold enough to pull off such a look, but what a great kids project! And bonus, it uses scraps.  Any knitters done one of these? Have any insight?

I predict these will soon be all over Etsy. Maybe Courtney Love can pull it off.

[If anyone else was similarly inspired to knit by this video, no offense! The “crazy” is self-referential for a variety of reasons.]

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