My Great Goat Taco Experiment

First things first: These are not exactly tacos! They’re more like burritos but smaller (burrititos?) and open, not wrapped. Whatever. I made some goat, I made some yellow rice, and I made some refried beans from scratch. If you want to quibble about what this dish should be called, please do so in comments! It will be fun.

Anyway, here’s what all went down to bring this creation into the world. [Ed. note: I used multiple Goya premixed products. I am unapologetic. But if you want to be a show-off, go ahead and sub in your homemade equivalent.] 

Refried Beans
Make these the night before or even a full day in advance, as both they and the goat are made in the slowcooker. Unless you have two slowcookers.
1 lb. dried kidney beans
1 onion
1 tsp. Adobo
2 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp. olive oil
Lots and lots of water

Put beans in large pot. Add enough water to cover, plus about 50 percent. Let soak for eight hours.

Drain, transfer to slowcooker. Dice onion and add it to beans along with salt and Adobo. Once again, add enough water to cover plus about 50 percent. Cook on low for 10 hours.

Heat olive oil in largest skillet you own. Add beans in batches, and kind of mash and fry all at once. They should be pretty soupy, so they won’t really stick, and they will stiffen up nicely. This is a good time to taste. You may want more salt, although I didn’t.

Please note that this is WAY more than you’ll need for your tacos. Put some in the freezer. Nothing bad can possibly come of having too many beans on hand.

1 lb. cubed goat for stew (this is basically the only way they sell it at my grocery store)
1 packet Goya Sazon
2 c. chicken stock
4-5 cloves garlic, minced
1 Tbsp. Goya soffrito
1 Tbsp. Tapatio hot sauce (any other brand will do, but I highly recommend that you don’t use anything too fancy, as the expensive stuff tends to be somehow both thicker and more vinegary)

Rub goat with Sazon and place in slowcooker. Mix all other ingredients, and then pour the mixture over the Sazoned goat. Cook on low for six hours, mixing occasionally to make sure all parts of the goat get equal liquid coverage so that none of it gets tough.

I’m not going to bother with a recipe for yellow rice. Either buy the mix or make regular old brown or white rice and add some Sazon and a splash of olive oil while cooking. Use your favorite taco shells or tortillas or whatever, your fave cheese (I put the cheese on the bottom so that it melts onto the warm tortilla), a dollop of sour cream, a splash of hot sauce, et voila!

This is a good meal, guys. You should really, really make it. I mean obviously have some veggies, too. Health comes first. But goat burrititos. Yes.



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