That’s One Bad Yam Pajama-speak for help, and I need yours, ya freeloaders. Filed under awesome things that come across my desk (actually One Bad’s, I think) is a box of postcards of vintage Penguin Books covers.

That’s just a small sampling. I have at least 100 of these. I also have a very bare wall behind my TV and lots of lovely molding that kind of sold me on my apartment. So my thought is get s bunch of cheap postcard frames and line the crown molding on that wall with the covers.

But should I maybe put them on the big blank expanse behind the TV, arranged all asymmetrically and perfect? Should I decoupage something? Should I make little false book-boxes and fill them with thematic gifts for people? Ha, that last one obviously wouldn’t happen. Mekkin, if you’re reading, do you want to lay claim to them for something in the wedding?

Clearly, I’m overthinking this. I just think I have an opportunity to do something really cool with these. I’ll at least consider any and all suggestions. Thanks, friends.


  1. dunno if it helps, but this is what i did when i got a lot of same-size photos and a bunch of free conveniently-sized frames (in my old apartment i had maybe three times as many and they basically filled a big wall):

    you could arrange them in a shape (“L + A,” or a circle might be nice to offset the rectangular tv, or just a big rectangle filling the space, or you could do the ink logo, ha! ). i think running them along the molding might overwhelm it. but what do i know. sharing!


  2. Get a large canvas ..andy warhol size and decoupage them to that perfect and asymmetrical adding water based tints to the glue/adhesive so you get incandescent hints of color. Or collage style clear adhesive.


  3. I just got a sweet thing. It is a wrought iron wall sculpture with the little frames on hooks that hook on just perfectly. You could make something extra cool like this.


  4. Thanks everyone! I’m going to order the really plain frames because that gives me the most flexibility. Once I get them, I’ll play around and post an update. Kate, I love those kind of sculptural frames, but I think they’d get vetoed from that spot for distracting from the TV. Priorities 🙂


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