Flirting My Apron Off

As a frequent shopper (oh, the bargains!), I was invited to Overstock’s member’s only site, I joined, because I can’t resist feeling exclusive. Don’t judge. So every day I get emails informing me of actually very reasonable prices on the kind of wildly unnecessary things that set my heart aflutter: brightly colored enamel colanders, alabaster votives, touchless garbage cans, etc.

So on this lazy Sunday, I open my email and there’s my little Eziba dispatch advising me that flirty aprons are on sale. And oh are they flirty! Bright pink toile! Polka dot ruffles! Giant bows! It’s almost enough to make a girl wear an apron. I have a kitschy-cute apron my grandmother brought back from Portugal, possibly before I was born. I’ve moved it from apartment to apartment, in part because of its sentimental value, but in part because I feel like I should wear an apron. As I gradually replace all the clothes I’ve bought H&M and Forever 21 with decent pieces, I should protect what I’m wearing, right? It’s what my grandma would have done for sure.

So, in conclusion, although I would have never put “flirty” and “apron” in the same sentence on my own, I’m resolving to apron it up from now on. I’m bringing aprons back, flirty or otherwise.

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