Be It Ever So Humble

Exciting news, my reader-friends: I’ve created a proper home office/craft area.

More exciting/panic-inducing is that this is where I’ll be spending my days from here on out. After three-and-a-half years in the inflight mag biz, I’m becoming an unattached woman. I’ll be freelancing and blogging from here on out (until some website will have me as an editor).

Doing one thing a day that scares you has become a popular theme for bloggers–such as the lovely One Bad–and authors. For me, not having a job is about as scary as it gets. I’m literally terrified of my own life.

But I’m being positive! I won’t blog about that side of things! The good news is I have time for elaborate projects around the house and fancy meals. And I can tell all of you about it. Then you’ll tell your friends, and they’ll tell their friends, etc., and Spiffy will become famous. A book deal will follow shortly. I’m told this is how these things work.

As I embark on this weird new life, I welcome questions and suggestions (including “Dance, monkey, dance!”). This is going to be fun guys.

In Your Dreams

When I was a kid, there were always all these urban legends about dreaming—eating a marshmallow and waking up to find holes in your pillow, or that the feeling of falling while your drifting off could kill you (seriously). One such myth was that you couldn’t actually eat in a dream. That’s a lie. I eat in my dreams all the time.

What’s weird is when it’s a food I’ve never eaten before. Last night, for example, I dreamt I was back in our old country house in St. Donat, Quebec, eating blueberry pizza. It was especially strange because I have such strong food associations with that place (Whippets, croissants, chicken from some place I can’t remember the name of, plums and bubblegum ice cream). But there I was, in my dream, eating some cheap, greasy pizza that had blueberry sauce instead of tomato sauce.

Let me tell you, it was delicious.

I real life, I’d go for a nice triple cream or mild goat cheese, and something slightly more delicate than pizza dough, but I think I might be onto something. Just another reason I really should be sleeping more.