The Best Thing I Learned in Napa

Three words: shredded. Brussels. sprouts. Or, as they call them at Domaine Carneros, shaved Brussels sprouts. Whatever. You guys. If you’re like me, a woman torn between her love of the tiny vegetables and the man she loves’ refusal to eat them, this is big news. It cuts down on the sprouty taste. You can put them on anything!

I eat you

At Domaine Carneros, they served them on caramelized halibut (they’re very good at putting a crusty exterior on seafood in Napa) with mashed (“pureed”) potatoes and sundried tomato aioli. Me? I’m going to put them on this baked potato recipe from Real Simple that I’m mad I didn’t think of long ago. That is, once I get (and maybe I’ve buried the lead here) my mothereffin’ food processor.